Benin Awake

Benin Awake

MoustaphaMoustapha Tata, stage name, originated from Djovgov town of Donga North of Benin started his profession as a Dancer, in 2000 he became a writer and singer, at the year 2001 he got an award from a company in Benin called Yasalam, so he adapted that name YASALAM as his artist name, he moved to Abidjan to continue his music career, his 3 years in Ivory Coast, he came out with an album called Yasalam, from there he jumped into reggae music 2006. Yasalam has performed along side with Meiway, Soum Bill and Didier Bile on the same stage in Abidjan.


LafiaJolidon was born in the northern Part of Benin, the territory of Bariba, in powerful guerilla fighters using sticks, at the age six Jolidon started practising sticks dance which called (Teke). At the age of ten he start playing guitar, then at the age of twelve he met the owner of an orchester called Parakou, Mr. Mama Franco. At the age of seventeen Jolidon became the best guitarist in the village of Bariba trib. Mr Jolidon released his first album in 2005 called ‘’Don Maru’’ which gave him the oppurtunity to become a tv presenter in Cotonou ORTB hosting a program called ‘’club des fans’’, the same year he was nominated for best african artist in the category modern traditional music in the ‘’KORA’’ awards, and he won that award in South Africa. Jolidon has became an establish song writer, when he was chosen by the francophone union to compose an anthem song.


MbaMba has the passion to be a musician at his early ages, 1995 Cano started singing with the mother choral guitar, after singing so long with mother, and he started writing and composing songs. In 2006 he collaborate with Shalott Dipanda, that’s where Cano started his own album, and in that album a single track sell him to the world, which is a hit in Cameroon music up to date, the same album made him to get his own label called Cano productions. In 2007 Cano production came out with their own album called “Bana 20.11”


FalliratouOriginally from northern Region of Benin Fallysa real name Elhady Issa Falliratou, Born in to a Dendi and a Fulani family, after graduating, Fallyssa started a full time music carrier, recognizing Her first Album title, Dunya in 2007 The Album won her an award for Best female Artists at the Black Music Awards in Benin, with her new Album title “f” me” Fallysa has perform on a stage along side with Angelique Kidjo, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Alfa Blondy…..currently base in Accra – Ghana, working with the musician union of Ghana.


AfafaThis group functioned since 1997, following the need to accompany dynamics by promotion for cultural diversity in Republic of Benin. They started with REP. This made it possible to take a lead in the national plan with more majority of the Beninese population like fan. They are the pole of an attraction that the majority of the authorities and promoter use to sensitize the populations compared to precise sets of themes. Name AFAFA is in fact the expression in our culture of the word even tail which makes it possible to alleviate body heats. Their mission is to bring, through their songs, peace in the earths. For this reason they were called: Ambassadors of peace. The group Afafa has release two albums, which sold more than 500.000 units each one album, with much in concerts filled the tank because they have a very good popularity


AyiloKayi Woekejea Timothy, started singing from child hood, people would spend time with Castella just to hear her sing, she was recognized in a school singing competition, interpreting local and international songs, after that she went and sang with a gifted guitarist man, and become a star in the history of Benin music. In 1987 Castella performed in front of North Korea President Kim IL Sung in Pyongyang, also performed with other artist like Aragon of Cuba, Boncana Maiga, gnonnas, Pedro, Fifi Rafiatou, Nel Oliver. In 1992 Castella released her first solo album, which was nominated at Midem (Marche international du disque ET de l’edition musical) in 2003 Cannes France. She is also a member of Benin musician union, and a super technician in cultural action, her voice gives power when she sings.


ZoubertouOUMAR Zouberatou started interpreting songs at the age of 15. In 1996 released her first Album of 7 titles ,and 2 years later IRIBAKUBE started wining trophies. In 1998 she won a Golden Award for Best female modernTraditional music hosted in Benin. 7 years later, her new Album SOUDA (follow me) won again in the Mali Golden Award for best Artist from Benin.She released a new album in 2011 which included14 titles (SEVL).


EstelleThe group was formed in 2007 when they went to participate (FESPAM) Congo Brazzaville. She’s the leader of the group, started her career through school. Nila faces all lot of frustrations in the music industry in Benin in-terms of injustice, she has become the most patience in the music industry which took her to places till today. Nila signed a label called Tchibozo, and produce an album with the label called KOSSILATE (gannaho). In 2002 Nila work an artist called Gnonas Pedro, Nil Oliver, Sagbohan Danialon, Stan Tohon, Chantal Aissi, Djan Lakan, Didier Bille, and the named album has twelve tracks. Nila and the group later came out with their first album in 2006 called (Lumiere Sous Lombre). The album won the group two awards for Best videoa and Album of the year.


IsbathAs a young girl, Madou used to flirt with dancing, cinema and modeling before taking up a professional musical career in 1996.” Dotou” (patience) from her first album gave her the Peace Prize and, propelled her among the greatest names that have been outstanding during the year 1996.Five Albums which led her to many prizes…..She was nominated two times to the Kora Awards in the category for best west African artist. She was invited as the representative of Benin in many cultural manifestations in west Africa, and she was in Stockholm (Sweden) as the representative of Benin at the SAMP Festival ‘Music from de village ‘Her musical writing is distinguished by its density, arranged in an Afro music style, crossbreeding of genuine folk songs, afro-juju, variety. An extraordinary originality and is in keeping with world music, her music uses the language of the world, just like the greatest music which resists to the time and the space.Her music allows the mind to travel and the body to vibrate!Settled today in Côte d’Ivoire, Madou is shining and asserting herself in the sky of the national and international.


KinsouKinsou Sadya announces her presence in 2003 in Benin and Cote’ d’ivoir. Her real name is Odette Kinsou, with her nice and good music she convince her adoptive land (Abidjan). Kinsou is a hit in the francophone Countries, Cote D’ivoire, Senegal Burkina Faso, Cameroon etc. she is a hero in Benin, people compare her to Angelique Kidjo, Kinsou performed unstop on the stage with her beautiful voice. In 2003 she sings alongside with Koffi Olomide, she did collaboration with Freddy Assogba, Baby Philip and the guitarist of Ivory Coast called Anderson. In 2004 she became the best Benin artist in Togo. Due to her enerjectic performance, the president of Senegal Abdullai Wade invited her to perform for youth and HIV day. After four years Kinsou came out with her new album.


JohnComlan Arcadius Avaligbe born on the 21st September 1967 in Porto Novo Benin, has been all over Africa and Europe singing jazz music, blue pop, world music.He sings in various landguages, John Arcadius released his first album in 1999 called ‘’REFLECTION’’ the named album win him an award in the year 2000 in Belgium, John has a colaboration with other artist namely… Lokua Kanza, Hery Dikongue in 2001, 2006 in Romania he has another colaboration with Manu Dibango. John Arcadius has won many awards during his stay in Europe (Belgium) also represented A frica in the world music compétition in Greece


AbialaOladipo Abiala alias Jah BABA is a musician, singer and sound engineer from Benin with Nigerian origin. Jah baba is in a particular style by combining easily Afro-jazz and Afro-gospel that were already hybrid rhythms and styles. In the footsteps of his past and rapidly building a future and a musical legacy to bequeath to future generations the artist draws his inspiration from the values of his country Benin as far as languages, stories, facts and realities are concerned. In 2011 he amazed his fans with the launch of his first album “Arise”at “Hall des Arts” in Cotonou. One is lucky to be in front of the artist when he is on stage. He becomes one with the drums from his home as “Gangan” or the “Omélé” or even “Batta” that he plays like no one else and from which he draws sounds that do not leave you indifferent, so as you feel forced to move your life.


MetokinDon Metok has the passion to be a musician at the age ten, he always have the dreams to represent Benin as a musician. At the age of twenty he became a writer, composer, author, singer and an artist. Don Metok has made it to his dreams when he was approach by Guru Records for a label deal at the age twenty two. Don Metok is specialize in a native music for Benin called “Zogodo” the song that cut the chain of poverty. One of the songs that is all over in Benin from Don Metok is “Yonnou” a songs that touches women’s heart.


RamounatouBorn in Benin (West Africa) on January 04 1987, and named Ramounatou SAMBIENI, Ramou has always had a mad passion for music in general and singing especially. She actually started singing at the age of 15 years and was voted as a great Benin woman voice by her first public performance in front of a hug crowd during a concert for a music festival. For his parents, especially her mother, there was no question of a career in music or even playing shows at the risk of the studies. Ramou nevertheless used to escape to sing alongside great artists and musicians of his country without the knowledge of his parents. She always knew that one day she would realize her dream when she was found among the winners of a world competition of music for the Olympics in Beijing. Divas like Angelique Kidjo, Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa), Bella Bello and others artists like Lokua Kanza, Youssou N’Dour, have greatly influenced and continue to influence.


ZeynabBorn in Côte-d’Ivoire, Zeynab, as an elementary school student is interested in music and drama, she participated with success to a famous TV program named “Wozo Vacance”: she was 10 years old. Once in secondary school, she gives priority to music because of the influence of her music loving father. She imitates African, European and American’ singers. Later, she begins music with professional groups. Before the end of her secondary school, Zeynab returns to her native land: Republic of Benin, that’s where she becomes the most famous and outstanding choir girl of the year 90. Here she decides to stay in the shadow of several African artists of international repute. Studio maniac and serious orchestra singer, Zeynab comes out of her shell to the real her to the public. This has elevated her to greater heights in the music circle. Today, her own achievements include three discs minutely packed up with varied styles. She sings traditional and modern songs in different languages like Nagot, Yoruba, Goun, Fon, Mina, French and English. She promots Bolodjo, a traditional music from her village. Zeynab had performed in many countries. In Africa and in Europe. In 2004 she was in South Africa and performs during Kora award show. She met Miriam Makéba.One year after, in 2005 she win Kora award as the best female artist of West Africa. Since September 2007, she is the national ambassador for UNICEF in Benin. When it comes to composing or singing,
Zeynab puts asides no generation; she is really someone to brag about.