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Cameroon Awake


Wax DeyDescribed as a ‘rare musical gem’, Wax Dey (Nde Ndifonka) is a singer, TV personality, writer and activist born in Cameroon and based in South Africa.Named by American Magazine, Ladybrille as Man of the Month for May 2010, Wax gained international recognition in many fields before pursuing a full-time career in music, music publishing and music management. The hit song ‘Miss Real, Mr Regular’ established him in the mainstream South African industry. The song was remixed by local rappers and House Djs, appearing on several compilations such as SONY Music’s 2010 ONE AFRICA All Stars and House of Flava mixed by YFM’s Mo Flava. He has also featured on albums by Rowick Deep and Nigeria’s Maye. His recent collaborations include a remix of ‘My wifey’ with Nigerian hiphop singer, Dontom, and ‘Keep on’ with acclaimed Cameroonian rapper, Krotal. In 2008, Wax established Lolhiphop Records, a pan-African recording and music publishing company which was involved in the publishing of the 2010 World Cup song, Waka Waka, and continues to boast a decent roaster of African hits. Lolhiphop has released a number of artists from across the continent such as Rowick Deep (South Africa), Wax himself, and Fl. Wax Dey recently joined the Good Morning Africa show on DSTV’s channel 114 as a presenter. Wax Dey is nominated for Best Male Artist, Best RnB, and Best International Collaboration at the upcoming Cameroon Entertainment Awards to take place in July 2012.


Golden SoundsGolden Sounds or Zangalewa was a makossa group from Cameroon. It was led by a career member of Cameroon’s presidential guard, Jean Paul Zé Bella. The men in the group provided comical musical entertainment, often dressing in military uniforms, wearing pith helmets and stuffing their clothes with pillows to appear like they had swollen bottoms from riding the train and fat stomachs from eating too much.

The band is most famous for its song, Zangalewa, which was a huge hit in Africa since its release in 1986. The song was also popular in Colombia where it was known as “The Military” and brought to the country by West African DJs. The song made their band so popular that they later changed the name of their group to Zangalewa, which means in Ewondo a Cameroonianlanguage “Who called you?” (Za’nga’lowa). In 2010 Shakira’s collaboration with Freshlyground for the 2010 World Cup, produced the song “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)” as a tribute to African Music. She has been inspired by the music of Ze Bella and his friends. Jean Paul ze Bella has since retired from the presidential guard in 2002 after 30 years of service but his song stands as an icon of Cameroonian military history.


Stephanie MusicaStephanie Musica was born in Douala Cameroon, with 15 year musical career, she started music in High school.Stephanie entered in the cabaret at the Cottage Hotel Akwa Palace in Douala of Cameroon as a singer of Jazz and Bossa Nova and African variety. She left Cameroon to Cotonou (Benin) to join a group that sings Cane Sugar music called So WHAT. Stephanie moved from the republic of Benin to Congo DRC.After being so successful in Congo she released her first album called Motema – NA-Ngai, giving her the platform to get more gigs from hotel CONTINENTAL MEMLING, the same album selected her to lead a choir with Koffi Olumide, these rehearsals the group home and has won her an award in Congo Music. She moved to Ghana and released her second album called MBONGO – PASSI. This album took her to another level, where she moved to Ivory Coast and released her third album called THE ANGEL OF PEACE, which leads her to tour the whole nation in Ivory Coast, Togo and end up in France.


Adolf FayamanAtabongafac Adolf Fuanyi aka “Adolf fayaman” shot to prominence following the release of his debut single “better days” Ft buffalo Souljah & Onezeal. This was followed by “can’t take it away” Ft Denzyl & One Zeal, in 2010, which made it to Trace TV’s Top 10 charts. His unique dancehall style is derived from blending Cameroonian rhythms and urban African sounds with influences from reggae artists such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.


BazoreAteh Francis “Bazore” is a musician and radio animator based in Yaounde, Cameroon. He is one of the most recognizable voices behind the traditional genre known as “Njang” music, which originates from the North West province. He has released 6 albums to date. In 2009, Bazore was voted president of the Association of Cameroon English Speaking Musicians, ACEM. He works as a radio and TV personality at the national broadcast house, Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV).


Dave KingDave King was born in Douala, Cameroon, to a family of 13 children. He was a timid child with a tough childhood, and he learnt quickly to fight for himself in the streets of Douala. Dave soon found solace in choral music. After the death of his mother, he went to Yaoundé to attend school there, and became popular among his classmates because of his polished, golden voice. They often used the benches as percussions to accompany him as he sang along to hits from Eboa Lotin and Charles Lembe. In 1996, he returned to Douala, and worked with the likes of Jacky Kingue and Fred Bollo, before joining the Sans Visas of Petit Pays in 2000. A few years later, he became a solo performer and began work on his debut album: DIVINE. His style is reminiscent of Cameroonian greats like Henri Dikongue and Eboa Lotin, whose spirit-filled melodies and provoking lyrics to drive deep messages


DjoDjo is a 25 year old Cameroonian next R & B singer of the capital, Yaounde. It is also a songwriter and producer who works with X-Point Records Cameroon. It featured the song “Yokoko” by Ada, and instantly drew the attention of young people, has been hailed as the next R & B sensation future of the country.


Guy MichelGuy Michel is a one of Cameroon’s rising gospel male acts. He rose to prominence in the Central and West African region as first runner up at the 2010 “Africa Star” singing competition hosted by Claudi Siar in Senegal and Ivory Coast. Guy has just released his first lP titled “Generation Shine” produced by Adah (V.O.Y.D.) Akenji for X-point Records Cameroon.


KrotalConsidered the Godfather of Cameroonian hiphop, Krotal is probably the biggest and most recognized artist in this genre. A music aficionado with a distinct rapping and singing voice, he has the passion and attitude needed for the successes and multiple awards he has achieved. During the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, he is one of the featuring artists on the MTN sponsored track “Everywhere you go” that also featured US singing sensation Kelly Rowland and the Nigeria based TuFace.


Mel NovaMel Nova started in 2002 doing rap while in the university of Yaounde 1 in Cameroon. In 2006 the boy from the North West side of the Biyaland release his first album “MEL DON COME” after completing his studies in Plant Biology from university. It was a success as people love the begining. Mel Nova continued working to develope his own unique style of music. Points added when Africa Magic TV used his song “Africa Awake” to celeberate their 5th aniversary in 2009. That was a big PLUS. In 2011 Mel Nova now creats his own style known as KWAITOKOSSA a blend between Kwaito from South Africa and Makossa from Cameroon. People are loving this brand and presently Mel nova is seriously preparing the Kwaitokossa album.


Naomi AchuBorn Fruh-Ngwing Achu and a native of the beautiful hilly town of Bamenda, Cameroon, Naomi is the last of six children in a Christian family. Naomi’s career started very early. At the age of nine, living in London at the time, she wrote her first song. Eventually Naomi began singing back-up vocals for recording artists at M1 Studio in Buea, Cameroon. It was through this gig that she landed another one – as the automated voice for MTN mobile network in Cameroon. During this time, Naomi continued to hone her songwriting skills. Moving from Cameroon to the United States, Naomi crafted her first record in 2009: a four-track EP entitled No Boundaries (now available on iTunes). Nomi teamed up with fellow artists Eddy B and H. Bolo to form the trio Avin-u C and release the 2010 mix tape, American Dream. And in the following year, she released her follow-up, Positive Energy (now available on iTunes and


SineSine (Sidney Tum) was born in Bamenda Cameroon. He had a tough childhood but found solace in music. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Petit Pays, Eboa Lotin, among others, he was determined to become a singer. A turning point came in 1999 when he sang the signature tune for a popular radio station in Bamenda, Afrique Nouvel. His classic performance won him instant regional fame. In 2005, he took part in Cameroon’s maiden reality singing contest Coca-Cola Dream, where he was one of the laureates. In 2006, he took part in West African Idols, but failed to make top 24 after reaching the regional finals. His big break came in 2008 when he won the first edition of Africa Star singing contest. Since then, he has released a few singles, the most popular has been the hit song “koh koh’ on which he collaborates with rapper Jovi. His debut album “FIRST BORN” is due for release early next year.


Sissy DipokoSissy Dipoko was discovered in the 80s by musician Bill Loko, who invited her collaborate on thehit song “Nene Lambo”. Her voice attracted Manu Dibango, with whom she would tour extensively after that, working with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Claude Nougaro, Miles Davis, Paul Simon among others. She has collaborated with the greatest African music names, including Miriam Makeba, Dina Bell, and Toto Guillaume. In 1992, she released her debut album “Munam”, a blend of Bikutsi and Makossa. It received great international reviews and she toured extensively after that before taking a break from music in the late 90s. She had to quit singing completely after complications with her vocal cords, and underwent several corrective operations. In 2011, Sissy Dipoko bravely returned with a sophomore offering


HopihoBy the age of 15, Hopiho (Pascal Ouandji), a native of Cameroon, was already stringing together verses inspired by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs and 2pac. After high school, Hopiho flew to Canada to pursue his undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa. There he formed the group 8e Art with fellow hip hop and R&B artistes: Fluggy, Marco Brown, Oriki and Hermes. Revolutionary and eclectic, 8e Art would go on to have resounding success in the Ottawa region. A true showman, Hopiho has shared the stage with the likes of Magic system, Mokobe, Busta Flex, Saian Supa Crew amongst others. The Cameroonian rapper has distinguished himself as one of the most productive and respectable artistes of his generation. His subtle punch lines are often integrated with Zouk, Coupe Decale and R&B to create an Afro Fusion Hip Hop that anyone can relate to. Although his message is mostly in French, he is bridging the cultural gap with his melodies and bass that one can only bump to. a perfectionist, Hopiho has been delaying the launch of his album Le Chant du Cygne for some time, as in his words, he “is not entirely satisfied with the final product.” After several years of hard work, promises that “the album will be released in 2012”. Success is imminent, for sure.


Ankias VallymanBorn Anye KITCHA ASONGWE in Bamenda-Cameroon Mankon Ntingkag he read philosophy at the School of African Philosophy in Nigeria Victoria Island, but was unable to complete the program of study due to financial problems if he went into self education by promoting knowledge thanks to the availability of libraries. These efforts inspired his first publication in 2002 entitled “Introduction to the philosophy of causes of Africa” book available in most bookstores press in Cameroon. “While in Nigeria, he joined a reggae band Roots Man Band called Lagos who opened the door of his dreams is to use reggae music to transform its society for the better. Ankias believes that Reggae music originated in Africa and was transported to the west with the slave will return to its roots in Africa.

Before all that he had his secondary education at the college and complete Nacho PCHS Bamenda. In Nacho was inspired andjoined the orchestra nacho “jacket Royal” where he played the role of reggae singer, he is also in African crafts, as can be seen in the audience badges. He owns and plays traditional dance known as the xylophone “Juju dance.” Ankias played reggae in various cabarets around the country, he has participated in festivals organized by Guinness and won several awards, and has also participated in numerous design exhibitions and African crafts.