Ghana Awake

Ghana Awake

The Idea of making a Ghanaian music compilation began when the greatest Ghanaian Musicians met at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, South Africa to bid farewell to the Black Stars of Ghana, after their last game against Uruguay in the Quarter Final Match of the Football World Cup at Soccer City Johannesburg.

This compilation is meant to bring all Africa and the World together and we salute the people who contributed to this ‘Ghana Awake’ compilation.

The compilation features tracks from a host of Ghana’s best musical talent!


Nat Brew Nat Brew aka Amandzeba is a native of Cape Coast (Oguaa). was born and bred in Accra Amandzeba is certainly a great highlife artiste, his contribution to the highlife industry will for long be indispensable. The uniqueness of his music has won him a number of awards, including the ultimate prize at the 7th International Alphine festival held in Saas Fee, a tourist village in Switzerland. Amandzeba has already created a niche for himself in Ghana and other parts of Africa. Yet another attribute of Amandzeba is his ability to exploit how well he uses banters, taunts and rhymes in dressing his rich lyrics that are mostly social commentaries, analysis of politics or narration of history.


Alfred Benjamin Crentsil Alfred Benjamin Crentsil was born on 1st July 1950 At Prestea. He become a full time musician and was one of the pioneers who formed a band Named The El –Dorado’s in 1970 and was lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.The El-Dorado’s moved to Harbour city to form a resident band known as the Lantics band, and later on formed another band known as Sweet Talks Int. In 1979 he formed his own band known as Ahenfo and continued to record more hits such as Adjoa and the Lord’s prayer. Crentsil’s music has always been considered controversial but always makes the highest sales once it hits the market. Crentsil resorts to various themes and antics to convey his message with appropriate proverbs where necessary and that always strikes a listener to appreciate his music.


King AyisobaKing Ayisoba was born in June 1975, little was it known that he would be a musician. As luck had it, while on duty as a security guard Daryl T.T. saw his talent and introduced him to Terry Bonchaka.They performed together on stage while he composed songs and played the kologo Terry did the raps. After Terry Bonchaka’s sad death in 2003 he featured ‘Mama Africa’ with Krontihene.He finally came out with his maiden album modern – Ghana which contains the popular hitting song “I want to see you my father”. King Ayisoba hopes to come out with his next album in 2007 “I plan to enter the international market.


Sidney Barima OppongSidney Oppong Ofari aka Barima (the hip life ninja) is one of the most celebrated musician in Ghana today as far as hip hop is concerned. He was the founder and leader of Nananom rap group, who was the first hip life group to release an album after Reggie Rockstone in 1977. His first solo album Tinana was released in 2001, and has since released 3 albums. Barima branded as the most controversial musician in Ghana today. The story behind “Africa money” is how the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep dying in poverty and starvation in Africa.


Ibrahim RamatuIbrahim Ramatu joined the local singing and dance group in Gambaga in the Northern part of Ghana. Years later she came to the city of Tamale and met musician Umar Jandu and Sirina Issah who were impressed with her music talent. Ibrahim’s first album Lambelabela was released in 2004 with the help of Umar Jandu. Her songs impressed the people of Tamale and other parts of Ghana. In 2005 she won most popular song at the Picorna Gardens in Tamale from Odeneho Consults and most popular song for Diyohima as well as highlife album of the year in the cultural centre of Tamale from Musiga and has since released 3 albums.


Abdulai Yusif Abulai Yusif, Abdul – Rahaman Haruna and Abdul rauf Abdul razak (Straw, Dada and Shocker) known as Deensi hails from the northern part of Ghana. Their genre of music is a melodius mixture of hiplife, highlife an local tunes, they were discovered in 2004 with the release of their first album which won them new artist of the year at the northern music awards which was held at Picorna gardens. With the release of their second album (Ochangya) the hit track Sumanjole stayed on the charts for 25 weeks and took this hip life artist to another level.


Bice Osei KuffourAbdulai Bice Osei Kufour (Abour) was born at ‘Braha Bebu Me’ (Dekyemenso) a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region in November 1981. Obour has 5 music album projects to his credit. His first album ‘Atentenben’ won three awards at the Ghana Music Awards in 2002; including Rap song of the year and Hip life artist of the year. His third “Atumpan” was what shot Obour to international stardom. Winning 5 awards at the local Ghana Music awards 2005 including Song of the year, Artist of the year, Album of the Year, Hiplife artist of the year and Hiplife album of the year. With his fourth album, Obour toured the world in the Best of Ghana Music World Tour in 2007.


Malik IssahK.K.C are the pacesetters of rap music in the Northside-Ghana.Big Adams is da microphone prophet aka natural born rapper and originator of northern rap music.In the late 90s, KKC led by Big Adams spiced up the flavor of Northern music by introducing rap music into the airwaves by the introduction of a maiden album “BIG ADAMS” Earlier in the 1993, the KKC featuring in the maiden album of Big Sister SIRINA ISSAH (a.k.a ’BAANSI Nabi Puɣinga’), gave a hint of their preparedness to take Northern Music to greater heights. K.K.C. which means Kukuo Clan formed in 1998 and released four albums 2001 ‘Asalamu Alaikum’, 2003 ‘Wawayepem’, 2005 ‘Longsi’, 2009 ‘Bondali’.


Rex OmarRex Omar, originally called Rex Owusu Marfo, was born on the 6th of February 1965. Rex Omar has gained wide recognition in the West African region and beyond. He has pursued his dream of a music career with single-minded devotion. His recording career has spanned eighteen years and has performed internationally, His album “Dangerous” which includes the hit song “Abiba” has sold over 300,000 units and is still attracting audiences beyond Ghana’s borders.


Adane BestAdane Best’s first album “Ayitey” became a hit when released in 1992. It’s therefore not surprising that his subsequent six albums, have always been on the airwaves. His music moves into various directions, especially highlife. He also received the Best Highlife Song of the Year Award in 2003. Adane Best’s love and admiration for the Senegalese musician Issifu Ndow and Salif Kaita of Mali, whom he saw as mentors for their own style of music, gave him the inspiration to come out with his own style.


Salifu Abukari AdamAbu Sadiq is an African musician, born in 1972 at Salamba, a suburb of Tamale located in the northern part of Ghana. Abu Sadiq music career started at the age of twelve but released his first album in 2001 and has 6 albums so far. Abu has chosen a more Reggae music style because it is more informative and educates the public. He also went into full time to preach unity and to educate and inform people the importance of unity.


Sulemana AlhassanAbada was formed in the early 2000 by Alhassan Abdul Ganiyu popularly known as Black Moon and Alhassan Sulernana popularly known as Black Shanty. Abada have won three awards with their second album in the 2005 and 2006 Nothern Music Awards. Abada was part of a number of Northern Ghana musicians that composed and performed a peace song to educate the masses about the effects of war and conflicts in the Northern Ghana.


Paapa YanksonBenjamin Paapa Kofi Yankson was born on June 22 1944 at Winneba with his 30 years of experience in the music industry, Benjamin Paapa Kofi has composed many hit songs some of which have attracted national awards and nomination for awards. He has more than 15 albums to his credit and has taught and performed in many countries around the world incl the US and Canada.


Charles Kofi MannCharles Kofi Mann was born on the 10th of February 1936 at cape coast in the central region of Ghana. He started his music career in the  mid 50s with Kaakaku as a guitarist. He later formed carosse l7 in 1966 in Takoradi. C K Mann has about 30 different complete albums and 40 single albums with his all masters band. He has travelled all over the world to perform on different latforms as part of his music tour. in addition, severe wards has been received by him including the Grand MedalAward by the former president of Ghana, the highlife achievement award presented to him by the federal republic of Nigeria and a host of other awards from US and other European countries.