Nigeria Awake


NIGERIA AWAKENigerian music can be split into two groups traditional and contemporary. Traditional focuses around ceremonies,celebrations, and religion as well as other parts of life. While contemporary music is centered on sharing music for entertainment purposes, this contrast is where the history of Nigerian music separates. Before the western influence, all of the music that happened in Nigeria was traditional. However music in Nigeria was differentdepending on what region anyone was from. On a larger scale then traditional music would be music that people
think of as African “drum” music.

Prior the Western influence on Nigeria not much changed culturally. This fact takes us to the beginning of the nineteenth century where Nigeria was at its largest point of cultural shift. This shift happened as a result of religious change and cultures that had been in Nigeria and Invaders. Religion then became factor, which restyled Nigerian music history. The nineteenth century started off with Islamic unrest, this caused many people in Nigeria
to take in Muslim culture, causing them to create a Hausa style of music, which basically consist of Muslim religious hymns and rhythm with traditional African Music.

After this Islamic conquest throughout Nigeria a new religion started to reign and dominate. Although Europeans had been in Nigeria because of the slave trade since the fifteen hundred years, their influence had not been prominent till the middle of the nineteenth century. That’s when missionaries and slaves from other colonized countries were coming in their strongest. Slaves at this point were coming back to Africa due to the slave trade stopping at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Due to English rule within Nigeria most of the native’s religions were prohibited leaving missionaries room to work. This all caused Christianity to become the dominant religion next to Islam. The fact that the natives couldn’t practice their religion also caused them not being allowed to practice their music.


Is a dedication to Nigerian Music, in all its rich, cultured and unique sounds. The main purpose of this compilation is to create an atmosphere and spirit of togetherness in the African continent. Also to maximise the chances of collaborations amongst African artists.


MaydAlso known as Mister May D or Sure Boy, May D is a versatile pop/r&b singer and dancer based in Lagos State Nigeria. Signed to his own record label Confam Entertainment, He released his first singles – Soundtrack and Cool Temper – in 2011 to rave reviews thereby launching him into the consciousness of the world of music. Other singles – Ile Ijo, Gat Me High, U Want to know me ft PSquare – followed in 2012. Having already featured on PSquare’s Invasion album on the song Chop My Money which also had the American singer Akon on the remix, May D subsequently released his videos for Soundtrack and Ile Ijo. The video for his song Gat Me High was released in December 2012. This also coincided with the launch of his official YouTube channel. The video proved an instant hit and has made the song more popular with his fans and listeners. May D has been honoured and received many awards. These include: Honorary Ambassador Eastern Mediterranean University, Magusa, Cyprus (2012), Best Collaboration – Chop My Money (Remix) by P Square ft. Akon and May D (2012), Best R&B Single of the year – Headies (2012), Next Rated Artist – Global News (2012). May D released another single So Many Tinz in February 2013 with the video released a couple of months later. It was themed after the popular American movie Django Unchained.

May D collaborated with Mafikizolo, a South African based duo signed to Kalawa Records, on one of their more popular songs Happiness off their 2013 Album ‘Reunited’. He is also featured on DJXclusive’s 2013 hit single ‘No Time’ which also has Tillaman and Skales on the song. His debut album titled ‘Chapter One’ was released on May 10th, 2013. The album, which has 20 songs, has been well received. A concert for the album release was held in Abuja on the 26th of May, 2013 at the Thisday Dome. The launch was supported by Davido, Reminisce, Olamide, Iyanya amongst others. There are ongoing plans to have a concert for May D in Lagos sometime in 2013. May D has performed in different parts of the world. Some of these events include: Cyprus – The Invasion (2012), Malaysia – Chop My Money Concert (2012), New York – Nigeria Independence Show (2012), Benin Republic – Industry Night Cotonou (2012), South Africa – Industry Night Johannesburg (2013), Benin Republic – MTN Yellow Summer Cotonou (2013).


DTone MartensD’tone Martins is a young talented Afrique-Soul singer.His songs are laced with traditional folk coloration, well versed lyrics and seductive melodies. He prides himself as a devout guitarist that performs in sync with the guitar. Dtone is indeed in a class of his own (he combines an enviable prowess in departments where he garners his abilities and roles as an artist/performer/composer/songwriter/story teller/motivational speaker and a poet). His talent, passion and intellect enthrones him as a worthy and prospective ambassador of Nigerian arts and culture. His work tenets are also hinged on values rooted in professionalism,excellence,integrity and hardwork. An affordable opportunity offers itself to all believers in wonderful and organic music, its best they take advantage of it.


KelikumeKelikume Kester Oliseh O. Johnson born in the 80’S into the Great Family of Mr & Mrs Johnson Okpala bred in Ojo Military Cantonment Barracks in Ori – Ade Local Government Lagos. Started his carrier as a drummer and a singer and later moved into playing the piano. Performed and worked with Several Professional music Band (Local & International) With his great passion and drive for music he advanced training to become a professional music producer and audio engineer. Worked with Melody Walker Studios (M.W.A) as the assistant audio engineer and music producer and now is the C.E.O Green Media Studios. Kelly has worked with top stars like Solid Star, Kay wizzy (Lead Vocalist Saphire Blue Band Strar Quests 2010 1st runner up) Oritse Femi, CDQ, Dabuilda, Doray, Matador, Sobee,shalom … the list goes on. Kelikume has built a reputation for himself not only as a seasoned producer but also as a highly professional artist with a major flair for classic music and R&B with his unique voice and style second to none that cuts across all genre of music, Kelly is considered a P a r a d o x in the Music World because of his creativity, versatility and some worth philosophical style of singing.


JJ StarJJ-Star is an energetic afro pop/hip hop/dance/electro duo made up of G-josh (Joshua Gyong Aboman) and Blessed Josef(James Onwukaike).The duo originally from Nigeria are permanently based in Johannesburg S.A. The duo met the first time in a movie audition when they were made to read a script together and ever since they hit it off.

The duo have since 2009 evolved from writing and recording an E.P to now having their first album of 13 songs finished.They have an amazing stage presence with the energetic verve of Femi Kuti and Chris Brown put together! 3 of their singles featured prominently in the BigBrother house 2012 and are looking to take the airwaves by
storm. The have performed along side Kelly Rowland, Fally Ipupa, Maye Hunta, Kelly Khumalo, Theo Koisingwe, Jah seed, Pro amongst many. Right now they are busy taking the brand to the people in a nation wide club tour and afterwards Africa and the world at large. JJ-Star is looking to evolve into an international duo like P Square, Freshly Ground, D Banj, Black Coffee etc, taking the brand to the world but first are looking to take Johannesburg, Lagos and the cities of Africa with their exciting Afro pop music. Both members were raised in the church where they honed their skills in the church choir like most christians in the music business they believe in giving back to the community via charity and speaking to the youths of the day in the areas of creatively channelling their energies while they are young and can, hence they created the S.O.D foundation youth development. The album “Unstoppable” being the first offering will see other albums follow it yearly! JJ-Star truly is unstoppable as the group has surmounted many obstacles to get to the point of getting the world to hear and see them, hence their motto which says it is “Only you can truly stop yourself”


HardXHardx is a contemporary R&B singer with African Rhythm who calls his invented genre “A&R&B”, He is a producer, songwriter, composer and a music business boss. He is a proud Nigerian from Lagos (south west) representing the notorious hood called “Mushin” and every industry personality that has come across his music always say one short sentence “This Is Music”. Just recently his music made it to the front desk of top A&R personnel in IDMD, Universal Music Group and Island Defjam which led to a distribution deal and his new album “Redefinition” will be coming out in 2013 on the platform of IDMD/Universal Music Group/Island Defjam distribution, his first single from the new album is called “Be My Baby” and over 100,000 DJs and Radio across the world is on standby in regards to their love for the song.

As a never say die fellow, He has been into music for 13 years and have successfully recorded many hit songs like “Gbabe Skin” (2002), “Girl I Want You” (2004) and a major hit “Emajo” (2009) which led to the release of his first LP Mix tape Album called “Emajo The Hardx Prologue” in 2010 through his indie label Soul Suiter Entertainment. He signed an international writer/publishing deal in 2011 with Sheer Publishing (Pty) Ltd South Africa, He is also a member of SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organization) and the beauty of his music was utilized in 2012 and 2013 Big Brother Africa 7 and 8 which broadcast to over 59 countries in Africa. Negotiations are also going on as he made it to top international film producers’ desk to synchronize some of his songs in upcoming international movies. Hardx have work with many artists in the likes of Big Diddo (Nigeria), Young Paper Boyz (Ukraine), Prince Doggydawg & Azuzu of the Illegal Immigrants (USA), Culchar (UK), SutFlute (Germany) and he has perform in numerous occasions, he has also done a lot of community works by doing free recording for upcoming artists and some relatively nice productions for some upcoming artists at unbelievable cheap fee to give his own little support to other artist because he knows what they go through. As we proceed, 2013 is going to be a huge successful year and Hardx has this to say to his fans “With God the impossible becomes possible”.


Biggie BrownJoseph Terlumun Aondona a.k.a (Biggie Brown) a benue born, lagos bred. The afro pop artiste who’s from Gwer west local government, benue State, Nigeria, is a young fresh artiste on the scene bustling with energy, lyrical powerful, a smooth flow, splendid delivery and a superb voice that just seal the deal and makes the whole package work, is the same guy that remixed Chop My Money by psquare 2 Return My Money, The single got a massive airplay and carved a niche for me in the industry. like we all knew his version of Chop My Money then made nigerians go crazy because it has a passionate message in it. He has always liked to listen to music ever since he was a kid. He later stumbled upon pop music and discovered it was a call. He started memorizing the lyrics of some pop nd afro pop songs that he liked. Not long after, he started writing poetry, which greatly helped him to become a lyricist.

And he knows he’s becoming (Lyrically Inclined) Though he started out miming to hit pop and afro pop songs, he went professional in 2007 and recorded his first single titled “Time To Party,” With his wealth of experience and learning from different parts of music, Biggie Brown is critically acclaimed and has won many awards including the best artiste of the year 2011 in the BENUE MUSIC AWARDS (BMA) Nigeria & Rookie of the year in the 2006 edition of AFRO Music Awards. Biggie Browns love for music came listening to the likes of 2face Idibia & Sound Sultan who he met while working as graphic Designer in Lagos,and I can tell you this guy is hot everywhere in the middle belt part of nigeria. He has influenced d likes of d ladies around d middle belt area with his music positively coz he has dis tune dat makes dem laugh wen ever they hear his tune. And they can mime his musics coz of d influence of his Djfriends around that area. He has got a motivating and courageous spirit that makes him pull crowd and interact with them when he’s on stage. He got inclination to AFRO POP music in 2006 when he started having passion for music and furthermore listening to 2face’s songs in 2007. Then he started writing afro pop songs in 2007 and had a great experience for a start.


ShaSha Nyiri Gwom was born on the 20th day of December and hails from Plateau State in Nigeria. his vocal-style can be said to be a blend of roots reggae and soul music, which he delivers in his own unique way. He is a creative songwriter as well as a performing artist, who is trained as a Sound Engineer by profession. He has had singing and performing opportunities over the course of his career, including a performance alongside Karen David (who starred in the hit movie, Scorpion King 2) at the Embassy Club, Mayfair, London. Sha’s talents allow him crisscross the genre landscape of music, not limiting him to any particular genre in his performances or songs. Sha stands out through the strength and carriage of his voice. Sha has teamed up with music producer Kulanen forming a unique friendship.


GentleChinedu Chigozie popularly known as “Gentle” is a talented singer and entertainer with an unquenchable desire for achievements. He was born in Abia state originally from Imo state Mbaise, completed at University of Porthacout. His style of music varies all infused with African flavour… the east side boy who has featured alongside with Modenine, Soul E, LKT etc.

The music career stated at the age of 15 years whiles he was train by his late father in a church choir playing drums, 5 years later he re-locate in Lagos state where he met his first producer Fliptyce,they start working together, their first hit was “Thank You” and still a hit, same song got an award called Naija delta Odudu awards in 2008. In 2010 became best afro hip-hop singer in Delta state and gained more shows all over Nigeria, which make him international recognition. Gentle performs: Malaysia, Germany Austria, Ghana, Benin and Cameroon. Gentle recently officially sign a label deal with Gamez records, and they came out with a brand new hit singles “Oyoyo” and “Ije Love”.


AnkiwaleAkinwale was born in the late 80s by a Clergy Man who was a musician back in the days before he became a church priest, his father performed with great Nigerian musicians in the likes of Ebenezer Obey, Dele Abiodun, Jide Johnson and many more. Believing so much in nature and he feels its natural for him to be a musician despite that he studied Public Administration in Lagos State University, he observed that his musical ability is based on instinct and knowing that talent is not enough, he practiced more to gain absolute dexterity both on the exertion of his vocal deliveries and his guitar ability. He has performed alongside the great African legend Ben Neil-Oliver of Rep of Benin and he has worked with series of artistes in Nigeria both in recordings and performances. His first performance at the Terra Kulture gave him a standing ovation as he often sound distinct with his unique style of music.

Having worked with series of artiste as a guitarist, he decided to carve a niche for himself and recorded his first 2 songs titled “Olurombi” and “Give It To Me” in 2009. Presently he is out with a fantastic love song Title “Ife Mo De” a song that expresses the factors like Distance, Work e.t.c. affecting the love situations especially among the African folks. The song often captures attentions of every listener because of the captivating lyrical rhymes and the fusion of the Rock Guitar rhythm synchronizing the melody. It is presently enjoying a bit of airplay and his anticipation is to spread the identity both locally and most especially within the International Market to show the world that African music is the truth and the future of music is in the hand of a black man.


DinmaDinma, full name Obialor Chidinma Juliet, hails from Anara Community in Isi-Ala Mbano LGA in Imo State Nigeria. She is I6 years old. Born in Lagos on 16th January 1997 to High Chief (Dr.) & Lolo C. N. Obialor. She is a full fledged Singer, Song Writer and a Dancer. The gifted girl started developing interest in song writing and singing at a tender age of six. Had her primary education at Pampers Private School Alaka and Saints Mary & Alfred Nursery & Primary School Aguda, all in Surulere, Lagos, and her high school at Saints Mary & Alfred College Aguda, S/L and Tender touch College in Festac Town, Lagos. Started singing professionally in 2011. She won The Hype Award 2013 Best Female Performing Hiphop Artiste.


FliptyceSuper-producer Fliptyce stamped his indelible imprint on the music scene in 2009. He has worked with P-Square, Akon, Faze, Bracket, May D, Dj Zee, Dammy Krane, Yemi Alade, Krys(France) Yq, Black Face, Artquakes, Op1(USA) and many more. He’s signed to SO-FLY MUSIC GROUP(SMG), using SoFly as a signatory tune in most of his productions. Fliptyce is a talented singer, composer, writer and a record producer, he also runs sound engineering and music production school. His delight is still to blow the listener’s mind and make them move to the beat. On the personal side, he’s a geologist and a motivational speaker. He produced Ojutiwon for Danny Young in 2009 and “My Girl “featuring Kel and legendary Paulplay I.K Dairo. in 2011, he produced “Chop My Money” for P-Sqaure, he produced 7 tracks for Faze in his newly released album titled ‘Refazed’ including smash hit singles Am In The Mood And Nkem. Fliptyce also produced Ile-Ijo for May-D and also his newly released single “So Many Tinz”, he worked with legendary Pasuma Wonder and Dammy Krane on Ligali, Terry G, a producer who hardly jump on other producers beat, did feature on a track Fliptyce produced for YQ titled Sandalili.

Fliptyce has also produced several tracks on LKT’S debut album. Born in September 23rd in the 80s, he was raised in Ondo State, South West Nigeria, Fliptyce’s love for music and arts started at a very young age, He started music production early 2000 when he stumbled on a music production software included in a game software purchased by his brother. He practised on his own how to make beats and successfully produced some few tracks for himself. Two years later he got admitted into university to further his education where he finally had time to develop his carrier in music and music production. Studying Geology and applied geophysics, he was also improving his production skills as he was running a recording studio on campus.

In March 2009 he produced a hit song for Danny young, a nigerian afro-hiphop artiste, signed to his label. Danny’s album titled Cross Over came out later In 2011, he produced Chop My Money for one of the biggest artistes in Africa, P-Square. Few months later he worked on the remix version of the track featuring Akon. Akon a very wonderful producer who has produced for some of the biggest artistes in America including the late Michael Jackson, fell in love with Fliptyce’s beat and he jumped on the remix version of Chop My Money. Chop My Money is not only the biggest song in africa, its video went viral having millions of views on You Tube. The success of the production made Fliptyce one of the top rated producers in Africa.


G GirlGloria Nkechi Uche aka G-Girl was born (3rd July 2004) in a family of 5 and she is the 4th of the children of Mr and Mrs Magnus Uche Osuagwu .She is the 3rd girl and has 3 brothers. G.Girl started singing at the age of 6 years and within two years have won two awards which are the PMAN youngest artists of the year 2012 and NANS youngest artists of the year 2012. She released her first album at the age of 7 years and 3 months on the 3rd of December 2011 titled “Taking Over” where she featured Pa Fatai Rolling Dollars, Prince Banton, Xtee, Olasman etc. Her second album will be a bomb with 12 tracks featuring O’black, Baba ryo, OGNatural, Celina, Lyrics, Flavour. She is in the studio presently working on a track with Olamide and AY.COM. Her video Young Shall grow is currently trending on tv stations across the country. G-Girl is so passionate about the less privileged and Motherless. Presently signed to Julie Martins Records.


Tony HarmonyWas born as Anthony Akpovwovwo Harmony on April 18th in Sapele, Delta state Nigeria, This showbiz fire was stock way back in the 80’s when break dancing was at its peak, In 1990 he was a performing member with a dance group in Delta State known as T-BIRDS, However Tony also combined effort in music with his friend Sylv-Rock to form Ton-D’Sylv-Rock, in 1993 they had an album to their credit titled “Get To Love”, which was produced by Emma Grey based in Warri, Delta State. Tony moved to Benin City, Edo state, and went solo in 1995 with his unique divers style of music infusing African rhythms, Reggae, R&B into his music called Combination-Combine-Combine.He had the opportunity working with the legendary Sir Victor Owaifo and Emma Grey as a backup vocalist both in studio and live concert.

In 2001, he scored a mild regional hit with his solo debut single “Sample Me”; under the label Playful-Rhythms, to register his smothering presence on local radios and TV stations in Nigeria. In 2003, Tony relocated to Ghana where his career hit the roof with his electrifying performances on TV3 network music programs as star of the week, couple with his beautiful collaborations with great showbiz celebrities in Ghana (k.k Fosu, Samini Mobo award winner, Sammy.B of Big Brother Africa fame, Ronny of Buk Bak, Triple.M, and Edwin of soul black ). In 2005 Tony Harmony’s 15 track album titled 69% Body Chemistry was released establishing an over centered commendable enthusiasm within Africa. In June 2006 he drop the first single “My Body”, another successful smash hit. This elevated his carrier for international deal with Out-Here records in Germany. “My Body” was released in February 2007, under Playful-Rhythms label and NowMuzik management in Nigeria, and has sold over two million copies across Africa and beyond. My body ft, Triple M, female musical group trio based in Accra Ghana, had an impeachable impart, as the most outstanding unique and peculiar hit in Nigeria. And got him relocated back to his country Nigeria. On the 20th of August 2009 Playful-Rhythms released Tony Harmony’s newpromo single track titled; “Pain Me” featuring Nigga R track; Baba God. He however commenced the recording in Ghana and finally completed mastering in Nigeria. Tony has demonstrated consistency to crown the relevant chemistry between him as a musician and his rhythms / sound producer Philtown.


J BlingzJohn Abbah Adagache a.k.a. (J Blingz) a.k.a Swagnificent Prolific Addicted Entertainer (Born 4th April) a Hip Hop (naija hip hop) Crooner and fine art Designer, Songwriter, and Cum Producer is a native of Benue State of Nigeria, fresh graduate student of Benue State University (Bsc Psychology). He has basked a couple of awards and accolades to his credit. His dexterity and stage performances is un-assuming, no wonder he has been compared with so many great Arts home and abroad. He has been tagged as one of the biggest things to watch out for this year.

An award winner and alumnus of BSU. Amongst his numerous awards are: Outstanding Dancer (GMC) 2000, Most Popular (Benue Social Club) 2002, B.S.U.Hottest Jambite 2008 (100 Level), B.S.U. Most Famous Guy 2010(300 Level), B.S.U. Swagger Inventor 2011(400 Level). J Blingz got inclination to Hip Hop music officially in 2002 when he started having passion for music and furthermore listening to Lil Wayne,Tu Face,Usher, Canibus,Bone Thugs etc in 2002. Then he started writing afro pop songs in 2002 and had a great experience for a start. J Blingz out wit a Tear Rubber Smashing Video title: Pop Champagne (Jaye) D music video hitting airwaves on Several TV channels now.


Saintleo MaskmanSaintleo Iheanacho aka d mask(dmm) from Aboh Mbaise lgo of Imo state of Nigeria, started singing at a tender age. He did circular music mostly Nigeria dance hall and many collaboration with some of Nigerias top artist (Different Man, G Spirit, T.J) and USA artist (Masq Satrizing) as well as some jingle with Globacom Telecommunication of Nigeria. An easy going person who loves making people happy, Saintleo is always ready to learn, to him music is what we eat every day and can’t do without. Radio stations have picked up on many of his tracks with songs like Ishebaka, My Africa Angel, Rock Dey Go- Oh, Bambam , Gimme D Microphone, Dance Dance Dance and many more enjoying the air waves! He recently signed a record deal with Deedee Record (USA).


EindoHe packs a mean 16 bar verse so strong it’s guaranteed to leave his competition dizzy! His delivery is witty, sharp, and precise and his subject matter delves around his reality and the hustle that he pushes everyday. Eindo – the mogul in the making is not your typical wanna-be rapper who draws influences from the unattainable or fantasy world of superficial music videos breaking at the seams with too much tits and ass – He is a poet and story teller, an attribute he picked up from time spent with his father who is an Igbo Chief who used to sing to him and also listen to him sing from a tender age. The year is 2013 and Eindo, born Ndubuise Jude Okeke has finally discovered his real voice and answered God’s calling for him to bless the microphone and mesmerize the world with his talent. Fresh off the production boards and edit suite is Eindo’s first official single Live & Let Live (Imbiri Kambiri), a bouncy energy packed song that will no doubt take the airwaves and club scene by storm. Says Eindo:‘ We decided to launch my career here in South Africa because this is the bread basket of the continent and best place to launch, from here we are going global no doubt’, he says with a humility that’s laced with straight confidence.

‘I don’t want to be known as that local Nigeria artist, and no disrespect to my country I love it but I believe my potential and destiny is on the global stage, that is where I belong and that is where I want to put Nigeria’, he emphasized. Live & Let Live’s message is to discourage people from taking food out of someone’s else’s mouth as we are all creations of God and we should not try to exercise superiority over other human beings as there is enough to go around’. Vibrant up and coming South African producer MSA On Beats produced the single. Other singles, off this debut album are Money No Limit, Money On My Mind and Mary Jane. What seems to be Eindo’s edge over what is currently available on the market is the variety of music influences his brings into his music. It’s unpredictable and borders on breaking boundaries and pushing the envelope, the same formula that has created the Kanye Wests and the Drakes of this world. ‘Lyrically, I talk about real activities and real life and I think that’s what people want to hear. I preach hard work and success”. The trick in his creative hat for this debut project is to take what’s trending- modify it and give it his own twist but keeping it consistent with currentrends. Eindo’s other passion is in the acting and fashion world and is currently developing an apparel line called VDC. Listen, Watch and Observe as Africa’s next biggest export prepares for his take off into global stardom