Togo Awake

Togo Awake

Carats BoysSteve Kossi, Pierrot Imran, Thierry Mensah, Debra Adjakli all Togolese native Ascend a choreographic dance group, this is to give more life or sometimes gave another dimension to the famous tubes from the beginning of the years 1994. Members of the Group initially dressed in women’s clothes, because the flexibility of their body and the ability of each Member, to turned his hip on stage during performances in the popular opinion was a gift from God granted only to the gentle feminine. Their talent and the beauty of the spectacle that the Group offered, had solicited the admiration and respect for their creation. On 11 January 1993 with aims to promote and enhance the Togolese music, by making things more or less official according to the rules of the art, the group is now baptize Carats-Boys. We are the professional dancers had they used to say when asked to stand. The dance has led the group to the Palace of the former Libyan President Gaddafi markets, the group it was noted alongside great artists like Meiway (Ivory Coast), Kofi Olomide (Congo), Gadji, Aisha Kone (Côte d’Ivoire), Naungnaung Toki Lala (Togo) to mention only those. Then comes the challenge of group singing their own song and dance on their own music, hence the release of the first album Soussou vo in August 2004. Welcomes it the public was extraordinary, this was a first test and at the same time a cost of success for the group. The year following the group enriched its discography with his second album. The costs of projectors, microphones, and the feathers of the journalists, June 2005 marks the official presentation of the second album entitled: EGnao


Kosi ApesonThe cool catché’s pace is set by hit songs by groups such as Toofan. When I first heard their music, I thought they sounded like an Ivorian coupé décalé group, and I was quick to dis miss them, thinking they probably would never make it anywhere outside of Togo, since they are just imitating what others are already doing – a lot – in other countries. I was wrong. I was only listening to the music, and not paying attention to the dance. Toofan completely embraced cool – many say they invented the dance. Whatever the case may be, they’ve greatly contributed to its success, which in turn has propelled them beyond Togo’s borders. Their hits now play in Francophone clubs throughout the continent, in particular in Côte d’Ivoire, home to coupé décalé, where people know which cool catché moves to throw down. But I’m still a music nerd, and even though I do find some of Toofan’s songs to be very catchy, I’ve been looking for groups pushing the musical boundaries of cool catché a bit further. Enter Kossi Ape’son. More of a traditional singer, he’s been around for a few years already, ever since he started under the patronage of King Mensah, perhaps the most influential Togolese artist of his generation. Backed by King Mensah, Ape’son ventured into Togo’s more traditional music, recording songs using some of the country’s countless rhythms and making two full albums out of it. He’s managed to tour West Africa, and has built a very decent name for himself, but in the age of paramount dominance of cool catché.


King MensahBorn August 12, 1971, known as the voice of gold of Togo is one of the most popular musical acts of the Togo West Africa. Although based in Lomé, regularly it stores and promotes his albums in Paris and has undertaken several world tours since 2005. Singing in Mina, Ewe and French, sound fuses elements of King Mensah of traditional music of sheep, Agbadza Adames, and kabye dance-drum music, funk reggae and West African Afropop. The lyrical themes of King Mensah are immersed in religion and the encouragement of hopeful for orphans, the downtrodden and the oppressed. He was born Tanmay Kichhukishu Mensah a father a mother of Benin and Togo. Mensah begins with a ‘ballet’ of Togolese traditional folk music at age 9. In his formative years, he was member of the band “The dolphins of the capital”. He acted with Ki – Yi me Bock theatre in Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire in the early 1990s, then traveled in Europe, Japan, Guyana, France and Benin as an actor and singer. • Togo best artist ACCP with UNESCO in Paris in 1997 • Best traditional African artist • Kora Awards in South Africa in 2000 • Best artist – Togo Music Awards in 2000 • Best Album (“Mensah, Mensah”) – Togo Music Awards in 2000 • Award of excellence – Togo Music Awards in 2000 • Best African traditional artist – Kora 2004 in South Africa • FIATI trophy in Lome in 2005 • Best artist African Social in 2005.


AlmokThis is what we could easily call ‘ a direct line towards the youth. Beautiful, with a clear artistic gift, ÁLMOK has a beautiful voice, told a singing technique, it puts at the service of a willingness to “drill”. ÁLMOK, best singer R & B at the time, was an atypical career. First a family habit. At home, tou the world sings for fun, or to praise the Lord. Some even made a thorough passion. MOM was singer at the Church. The girl will follow the steps. But by pure
chance. Alone, who always called Edem creates a musical group from her Church. In 2007, and she was surprised by its capabilities. Without prior experience, it composed, she interprets and sings. It is present and living. The most amazing is that it adapts to the existing means. Angels voices, “his musical group”, has no way to afford an orchestra and instruments which accompany it. Then, we have composed and sung by acapela. However, prowess, the young singer and his four cronies are noticeable in the Church, and they get a place to worship. In 2008, the young singer is marked by a singing master and conductor of the main choir of the Church. In the heat of the action, the choir pianist suggested working sessions with the intention to make the young artist, a voice of the group. To follow the voice exercises, work deepens on the singing technique.


PhenixPhenix, a history of long-standing friendship, between five youth living in the same neighborhood, attending the same Church, all members of the choir of the parish, and all sharing the same taste for music. Everything starts in the early 2000s, when within a same choir, Christina, JOSCOOPE, FERNANDO KAPREZY, OJ ‘ SHAK, REMS discover common penchant for hip hop R & b. They decide to form a group they call G.F.C (GOLDEN FRIEND’s CLUB). Encouraged by the ‘Emerson brothers’ musical training which marked the 1990s in Togo, whose members are the big brothers of AISHA and JOSCOOPE, the group which multiplies the artistic experiences in live and in the studio, manages to come out in 2005, their first single titled ‘wawawe’. With this sound mixing hip hop and sounds of the Islands (Zouk-compas), training came from Adidogomé, made a remarkable entry in the Togolese music scene and becomes some time later, the Phoenix Group. Name change motivated by the confusion that was between the name of the crew and structure All that productions studio, bearing the same name. Phoenix is applied to numerous collaborations including one of the most striking was the feat with Leo on the song ‘Pressure’. Despite this recognition of his peers and the public, 5 ‘boys’ do not flock to as much, and it’s finally in 2008 that they will make a return on the Fm with the fabulous single ‘Baby girl’.
Yet a success that will be applauded and devoted ‘ best his R & b of the year .


King NeeKing Nee (Nee Oba), LAWAL Abdul kareem to civil status is Togolese of Nigerian origin. Known much more as King Nee host of a television show called City Muzik on TV2 in Lomé in Togo. His talents as singer of hip hop traditional were revealed to the public after the 2001 release of his single “The reign of the King” song that would later become the generic music of his TV show. King Nee is believed finally to his talent as an artist. After years spent in the underground and four years after his single “the reign of the King”, he resurfaced in 2005 with his debut album entitled ‘Oba Nee’. A self-titled album of 17 tracks which will see the participation of great Togolese talents like LAMPFALL DISSOLVE, engineer of its resident in Germany (Director of the Afro Reggae studio). The album is a production OBA’s ENTERTAINMENT. The central theme of the album is love. This album is also proof of the great leap that KING has done throughout his career. One who made Rap a few years ago today sings with texts very fluid in different languages: English, French, Mina and the Yoruba (mother tongue) in a style that he calls “AFRO R & B”. This result is not due to chance. It is the result of a tireless work that lasted more than ten years.


Omar BArtist, songwriter, arranger, Sound engineer, choreographer, this young R & b singer has emerged as the King of R &B Togolese. In 18 months of presence on the musical market, OMAR B packs with his voice, his compositions, his songs, his Sung texts in mina (local language) in French and English. An album that breaks records of sale, which won popular support and enjoys a positive look of critics. Born in 1984, it is very small, at the age of 6 years that the musical wave transports. Born into a Muslim family of eight which he claims the first place. His real name OMAR Abraham, Omar B, takes the musical passion of her musician father, Member of a large musical group of the 80-90s ‘the Burning Stone. It is accompanying his father on his many performances that young Omar saw his passion to develop. It introduces him on vocals and guitar. OMAR draws the sights during the rehearsals for the Group of Dad, and even on stage. However, it took time for this young artist, to qualify as a career.The young singer enrolled at the University of Cape Cost Ghana. In this great University, it was formed and had his engineering degree and audio-visuel arranger. His status of great composer and arranger, imposed at the height of his talent benefits. On stage, he pleases people by his voice, seduced by his dance movements and choreographies and satisfied by his charisma. With his team, it forms a scenic harmony that this work upstream.


Christelle JohnsonThe jewel of 11 titles was presented at a ceremony in Lome Saturday 11th August in the presence of Madam Minister of Development at the base of Togo Victory Dogbé, parents and relatives of the artist, and some players cultural. Prepared, recorded and produced in France, there have been three good years Christelle Johnson finally refine this wonderful cocktail of local rhythms and Afro-urban rhythms, it also found RnB, Soul of, zouk but a dose hip-hop made in Togo. For the artist, this first opus remains a dream was fulfilled, because it is for music from the age of 5 years. Originally from the Prefecture Lakes (southern Togo), Christelle Johnson is the daughter of famous musician Ablamba Johnson who introduced the music. After 25 years of living in the Hexagon and shared between two entirely urban culture, this young artist not forgotten her homeland through the humanitarian work she continues to initiate in her native Togo and the rest of Africa. Among the many Togolese artists also present at the ceremony could be seen Mirlinda (who had also laid a new album), Charles Ozzo, Seck, Amron, Gino, Almok,
Kanoman and Cantor Moutité (which marked the event by giving a gift of the “Holy Bible” to Christelle, because he says, “The word is a force and it is through her that everything was created”).


Rx PatouState Civil: Aboh kodjovi, Artist Name: RX Patou, Profession: Artist of the song, Date of Birth: 02 May 1983, Genre Musical: hip hop. Born from a mother of beninoise and a Togolese father, I studied primary and secondary at our Lady of the sacred heart and my high school and develop, I had my music training in 2006. I’m from a Christian catholic family, we are two children in the family myself and Benjamin, both parents are no more alive. Formally lives at Aguiarkome 27 rue d Abiodun. I have started music in 1996 for the centenary of my school after I became the possible recital in 2000 participated I became the first artist to won national competition of rap organized at Lome side basketball sport Omni stage, I was a leather of my group in 2003 I move to solo artist due signing with a new record label become a brand and I have started my career with my deviadjo tube, which take me to this level as I am today.


Mary KimThe real names of Mary-Kim is Tchotchovi Akossiwa Gnassounou, was born on 27th June 1982, in a capital city of Togo Lome. Singing technique, it puts at the service of a willingness to “drill” Mary-Kim, best singer Pop & Rap at a time, was an atypical career. Mary-Kim started her career at the age of Nine (9) years through school singing competitions, which led her to music academy in Togo –Lome at the age of twelve (12). Mary-Kim is one of best female voice artist in 2008, the young singer is marked by a singing master and conductor of the main choir of the Church. In 2007 she had the opportunity to share a stage with the legends, Afia Mala of Togo, Kojo Antwi of Ghana, Lagbaja of Nigeria, John Arcadius from Benin on a festival in Lome, and many more. In the heat of the action, the choir pianist suggested working sessions with the intention to make the young artist, a voice of the group. To follow the voice exercises, work deepens on the singing technique.


Dub 'n FlezzName and surname: GOVINA Manoharan, Artist name: Dub N Flezz, Songwriter: Dub N Flezz, Producer: FANGA MUSIC, The “gentleman” of Togolese rap. This is the name given to one who is regarded as the best rapper of all time in Togo. Good flow, good text, beautiful voice and good sounds. In summary, here is how one can define DUB N FLEZZ. Unveiled to the public by the duo he formed with ALI JEZZ, DUB N FLEZZ has always distinguished by the quality of his art. From 2003 to the present day, the duo ALI JEZZ and DUB N FLEZZ, has managed to remain at the top of the mixed. 3 successful albums on the market (One Million, Police and large format), DUB N FLEZZ the duo has been awarded several times: Best tube rap and better video with “Hip hop” respect in 2004, Best album hip hop with ‘Police’ in 2005, Best tube rap with “Benny van Heerden”, in 2005, Best video with ‘Ajan’ in 2010, Best album with ‘Large format’ in 2010. After the adventure succeeds as a duo, rapper decides to start a solo career. 2011 sees the release of the 1st single called eponymous. Music lovers consume to heart joy. DUB N FLEZZ balance «BOOMBA FLEZZ» in this mid-2012, and soon released his 1st solo album


KanomanCo-founder of the Fonétic group with which the artist first made himself known in early 2007, Wilson Togo, Kodjo Simon, alias Kanoman became one of the most listened voice of the youth of his country and one of the most respected in the Rap Hip Hop environment. The fame conferred today is not due to its large size (2 m 02), but on the contrary it is its ease in a singular approach just as much artistic as activist, where rapper denounces the evils which undermine its society on political, economic and social. The rapper between two shots from JAWS also leaves free Court blows of hearts where he sang the natural beauty of the woman in its quintessence. A particular style of rap with the mixture of mina, the French and English made him a unifying element of the rap scene in Togo and the subregion. Burkina Faso, Senegal, Benin and other African countries are part of the rapper show arenas.


Oli BigIt was in 1998 that his comrade’s Bench, suggested to Olivier AZIADAPOU to rap. Comrade of bench, stresses his abilities as an orator and shape that reminds a certain NOTORIOUS BIG, global icon of rap. Olivier is allowed to wrap by the idea and begins scribbling his first rhymes on paper before starting an adventure in Duet with rapper DAN Olivier is now the pseudonym of OLIBIG. In 2000, Dan and Olibig squat some underground scenes before invite on the famous television. Contact young. Its passage applauding in this musical episode live, the most famous in Togo, still motivates the will of the young rapper. Olibig and Dan return to the studio and recorded an album of 10 titles which unfortunately will be ever available on the market, lack of financial means. In 2005, OLIBIG, solo has recently launched the single “Praise the lord”. Song that knows a successful mixed, but it can still be nominated in the category “revelation of the year in Togo hip hop awards. In 2007, it is the triumphant exit. With the single “Olibig”, the artist applies and becomes no. 1 in the charts on all radios. The following year, Olibig went on national tour with BOND STREET, and in July 2009, he launched his solo album “consciousness”. An opus acclaimed by the critics which positions the rapper among the country’s best-loved musical values. With such notoriety. Olibig will share the stage with great names of African music like Koffi Olomide at the stage of Kegue in Lomé, or Meiway at the palais des Congrès of Kara. In 2011, after a relatively long silence, Olibig returned with the single “MLEDJI”. A huge hit that will win the ‘best tube rap of the year’ award in Togo hip hop awards, and inviting more scenes from all cities of Togo. Another single from her next album comes out in 2012: NEDEMGAN. Song that confirms all the while it was thought by the artist. Olibig prepares released his 2nd album in 2013


AmronTchalla Kenison Born the: 29 October 1987 Nationality: Togolese, Occupation: artist rapper professional. Initiated by the younger old has music by his father and seduced by MC SOLAAR, AMRON wants to climb very high bar of rap made in Togo by its distinguished style then its very polished rhymes that reflect the richness of its achievements. With a natural elegance, the young rapper to 228 number very early chose to rap following a career as a lawyer aborted even before its birth. Narcissus as well like the callee his friends, wanted to put his humanity in the service of his fellow men, he wanted to protect the widow and the orphan, in two words he wanted to save the world… but alas it is the music that will come it complications of life. It will become AMRON… In the arena of rap, AMRON imposed artistic rigor that allows it to stand by the quality of its texts. With his BLACK BOYS album consisting of sixteen pieces to theme also diversified than others, the artist portrays its environment and especially proclaims its presence in the rapologic universe. With two clips refined and fine-tuned by the famous audio-visual pan structure BOSS PLAYA, AMRON aims to touch the stars to shine eternally to hoist in the pantheon of rap as an indisputable reference. Therefore his first big stage was to the side of LA FOUINE, KAMNOUZE, DJ ARAFAT or even Diaz DOBO with whom he shared the poster during their first visit to Togo in 2010. Such a hurricane it arrives from nowhere, however thousands of fans worship an original Mc has the imposing and refined look that has been the big winner of the seventh edition of the TOGO HIP HOP AWARDS earning two trophies, one of the best tube of the year and naturally the best rap video clip hip hop with the track BLACK BOYS. First rapper to make a live concert at the side of musicians and quality renowned, AMRON is imposed on the rap scene Togolese making him an unavoidable icon, now influencing the next generation of young Togolese rappers who constantly seek his cooperation. Ave his promising debut, the artist at number 228 is already the subject of solicitations for subregional collaborations that will certainly reveal it to Africa and the world in the coming months as one of the best of his generation if not the best!


Poundy CisseIts true name ABIODUN Kenison, the artist Kara (North – TOGO), was born 17 March 1982. He began his musical career the Dolo when he launched his first single in 2005 entitled ‘Yes I Kenison. It was a tube that revealed to the general public. Single to single it out with the complicity of ARK House Communication label production at the time his album entitled “DISTRUST” in 2007. This is where that starts to Pavan, the adventures of a confirmed artist. Thus the artist participated in all editions of the TOGO Hip Hop Awards where he was repeatedly appointed. What makes of him, twice winners at this musical mass, in 2008 and 2010. In a style Afro R’ B, Cysse stands out from other national artists with whom he shared several times the scenes throughout the territory. Also include scenes shared with foreign artists of reputations like the great PASSI of the France, Kodjo Antwi of GHANA to name but a few. Pavan Cysse has worked on several national and international projects. A passage in Ouidah (BENIN) where he represented his country alongside others at the Afro Musik Festival, organised by Biennale 2010, and the project preserve our dear homeland the Togo in 2007 and the project woman LEADER in 2009 and 2010. All this for the artist is only the result of a well-maintained talent, determination in the work, and this is expressed through this award of artist of the year has awarded just recently in 2012 at the Kara craft fair.